Transformation Tuesday with @Shayfit97

As you know I am all about the journey. Whether it’s a personal, spiritual, professional, financial or anything in-between each person’s goals are different and therefore cannot be compared to those of another. I think today is the perfect day to introduce to you a young woman who I personally have seen make this amazing transformation into a life goal and translate it into a professional opportunity.

Shannon Lennon @Shayfit97 had spent most of her short life at a weight that she was not comfortable with. As she got into her teenage years, she realized that she wanted to get fit, healthy and decided to make a major life change for herself. As we all know, these declarations sometimes fall to the wayside when life starts to get busy and hit us with the unexpected, but Shannon never let that get in her way. She dedicated her mind, her soul and her time to changing not just the image she had of her own body, but her mindset.

Life changes do not happen overnight and as Shannon learned, to get herself to the goals she had set forth, should would need to accomplish something small each day. She would have to narrow her focus and look at each minor accomplishment as a huge achievement. She began her journey working with a personal trainer. They set up short-term and long-term goals and attacked the habits that lurk quietly to sabotage us as we try to rid ourselves of them.

From being in the gym hours each week to developing a meal plan that suited her new needs, she began to see improvements. It wasn’t easy and there was definitely blood, sweat and a lot of tears shed. When we decide to shed off the skin we always lived in to blossom into who we want to be it can be daunting to say the least. Shannon never gave up although there were plenty of times it got too much to handle and minor set backs happen. It’s to be expected right? On any road to change there are things that jump out at us; feelings of doubt, determination stalled, stamina running out. We sometimes let these hold us back, but when we push through we begin to see and more importantly feel the changes happening within us.

From the beginning of her personal story to now she is down 80 lbs. Yea, I said 80. Anything can be accomplished when we put our mind to it. Anything is possible. That’s part of the beauty of life isn’t it? If we really want something, if we put all our energy into making strides, nothing and I repeat, nothing can hold us back.

I implore you to give this young woman your support, your well wishes, your interest as she has come a long way. She is now motivated to share the journey she has been on and take you along for the ride the remainder of the way. You will get a sense of how much work and effort goes into change. You will be inspired by her story. You will be enticed by the delicious ways she can make even tofu look appetizing and you will be delighted by the smile you see upon that beautiful face.

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Looking forward to watching this young woman build her audience, gain followers and inspire us all through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.




One thought on “Transformation Tuesday with @Shayfit97

  1. That’s impressive commitment! I mean, admittedly I had to do some maths to get the pounds into stones and pounds because pounds in their own mean nothing to me – it’d be like someone telling me their height in only inches, I just don’t know what to do with it for some strange reason. But, having done that, 80lbs is A LOT!


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