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Leftovers is dedicated specifically to things that are leftover in my head.

From the daily rants of parenting, home life, work related incidents, to the thoughts that come up on a daily basis, to just whatever else is going on in the life of AccidentallyAllison aside from the storyline you are currently reading.

I hope you enjoy a little something different on this page as you get a small glimpse into what else it’s like being me. We all have things we wish we could express for nothing else but to get it off our chests; THIS is that page!

Feel free to leave your own leftovers any time!

The Capital Letters

I Used to be a Teenage Girl

7, 3, 2, Both

The Top 10 Things I’d Tell a New Ex-Wife

Being a Mom

Line of Credit

I Don’t Wanna

OPS – “Other” Parent Syndrome

My First Divorce

Believe In The Good Too