Leftovers – The Capital Letters

My NEW page debuts right now! Leftovers – All things AccidentallyAllison that have nothing to do with my normal storyline and everything to do with what’s Leftover in my head. Each Leftover Post will be logged on my Leftover page so you can follow along with idiosyncrasies that affect my every day life. Best part? I want to hear what you think on each and every topic, so feel free to tell me how you feel!

I believe there is an etiquette that should be followed under most circumstances. A professionalism that is an unwritten law with rules and regulations. This is proven in the work place, but should be adhered to under most if no all circumstances. I mean seriously, as an adult there is no need to use capital letters in an email especially when we are talking A) About work B) about my child or 3) about anything having to do with me and how I adult. I find myself to be a pretty intelligent person and can hear the inference in your tone even through text and email, I don’t need the added enunciation of the capital letter to make me aware that you are frustrated.

The capital letters in any form of communication, unless you are expressing your utter excitement or appreciation for me, should be frowned upon. It only insights the individual, in this case me, to then become frustrated and most likely say something snarky. I will not use capital letters or bold face a type, ever, unless I want to ensure it is an actionable item that you must remember to do and the entire group, if there is more than one person on the email, needs to be aware of. In that instance, the bold face or capital letter is for emphasis on the action item, not to point out that you, or me, the reader is an idiot and you, the writer are upset.

In a business situation, pick up the phone and do your daily adulating. Approach the subject with some tact and an upbeat tone. You can get more bees with honey they say and not vinegar and I will attest to this. Nothing says, I have no professional skills of engagement like capital letters and bold face type in an effort to make the other person feel stupid. I prefer to use the age old tactic of passive aggressive, niceties as do most corporate business officials in getting what they want and giving the other person enough rope to hang themselves. It takes much less effort and I, the writer of such an email doesn’t have to point out the readers inadequacies, because they will come to light all on their own.

This is an art you have to cultivate over time, something you have to hone in your years of working with incompetent people. You smile and wave my friends…..smile and wave.

Tell me your thoughts? Are you a Capital Latter / Bold Face communicator?

The Capital Letter

6 thoughts on “Leftovers – The Capital Letters

  1. I THINK CAPITAL LETTERS SEEM LIKE YELLING> After being raised in a family of swearing screamers I have spent my entire adult life cultivating a matter of fact tone of voice. WHICH IS NOT ANYTHING LIKE ALL CAPS. So it bugs the shi*t out of me too. The screaming may have ceased but the swearing is alive and well!

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  2. I think I probably do use both occasionally for emphasis, but usually to emphasise excitement or similar, not annoyance or bossiness. I definitely think it is deliberately aggressive and/or patronising when used in those circumstances.

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