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What AccidentallyAllison Readers are saying…..

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Allison for many years. I have to say how much I admire her many qualities and don’t know if I’ve ever known anyone with such a passion for life and love. She feels deeply, is completely genuine and a giver to the extreme. Not only have I read her blog but I’ve lived through much of it side by side with her and still enjoy hearing all stories. She has helped me and continues to help me every day in having a clear perspective, going after my dreams and most importantly laughing when I want to cry. We will go well into our old age, clinking our glasses of wine, sharing our stories and resting in the knowledge that love, family and friendship will lead us forward.~ JC

Coffee and AccidentallyAllison always start my day. Truth be told i would skip the coffee easier than i would skip her blog. Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me sad but it always makes me think. much appreciated addition to my life ~ SF

She is courageous
She is brave
She is brilliant
She is loving & fair
She is an inspiration
She deserves to be cherished, appreciated, respected and love’d deeply and without boundaries.
She will try to portray a hot mess, but she’s just a girl in front of a boy wanting to be love’d unconditionally, wanting a hug when she needs it most and wanting him to understand that without words ~ JG

Accidentally Allison is my favorite way to start my day. All of us, struggle with life each and everyday and I find it is truly a way to relate and understand your not alone. The honesty that Allison shares is refreshing. Allison owns it and let’s you know hey I am not perfect. Wouldn’t we all like a night in shining armor. Why must it be so difficult for adults to have a mature relationship. Thank you Allison as I believe we all have similar journeys just can’t express them so freely~ Ida

Allison’s blog is intensely personal and often very uncomfortable to read in that it is extremely raw and pulls no punches. But it is also incredibly brave as she exposes with no varnish the reality of what I think a lot of families (both functional and dysfunctional) experience behind closed doors. In this era of white-washed Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter facades, Accidentally Allison is about as real as it gets. Greg

Exciting, Suspenseful, and Emotional are words that describe Accidentally Allison. It leaves the reader anxious to get to the next day’s installment!! It is what I read every morning before anything else!! ~ Paula

I find your writing to be the way you would say it, very matter-of-fact. I can almost hear you say it, which makes makes me feel like you are talking to me as I read (or listen via audio). I can feel the emotion right along with you at the highs and lows of your stories. ~ Angela