Bringing It Back Around

So it’s been quite some time since I’ve sat at the computer and spilled my heart out.  I thought I’d bring you all back around to what’s been happening, what hasn’t been happening and what’s about to happen.

First: What’s Been Happening

Well, to be quite honest I’ve been spending  a lot of my life out from behind the computer the last few months.  I bought my very first house, I’m still dating Dimples, my girls are growing up so fast right in front of my eyes and I’ve been working on myself.  All this takes a lot of energy, attention and needless to say leaves me very little time for much else.  So yes, I’ve been busy and I’m very pleased with all the things I’ve been doing and seeing and becoming.  Hopefully you can understand and cut me a little slack, not much cause let’s not get carried away, but a little.  The life of a mid forties, single mom that works full-time can get a little out of hand.  (As you’ve all read)

Second: What’s Not Been Happening

Well writing for one thing.  I’ve been less than inspired with my life that I’ve been telling you about and I feel like other than a great story, you deserve more.  You deserve to not just know about what happened and how, but what about what happens next?  Which brings me to the best part. (In my opinion)

Third: What’s About To Happen

I plan on writing the ending to the story you’ve been following.  However, then I want to go back.  Back to the time where I believe my downhill spiral started.  I want you to read up on the twists and turns so you are up to speed.  Then, I want to explain, show, teach you about the come back.  Cause really, life is about the come back.  How did you get where you were and then drag yourself out?  I’d like to really delve into some things that may sound boring, but God they make such a difference.  Savings, budgets, parenting, credit scores, mortgage companies, credit cards, medical insurance, therapy, inner peace.  All the things you need to wrap your head around to not only fix your struggle, but to get yourself away from it.  To build a life that is worth living.  So no longer just surviving.  Time for us to live.  And I’m gonna do it, by showing you how I did it.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s perseverance and sheer will at times. Do you need to find a resource for couples counseling?  Do you need a great divorce attorney?  How bout putting yourself on a budget?  What about that pesky credit score that is hindering all your hopes and dreams?  Do you need to get your insurance company to cover a much-needed bill for your kid or yourself?  How about some steps to bring you some peace each day?  Well, through my somewhat ridiculous anecdotes, we’re gonna do it all.  Cause as I’ve said before, you’re worth it.

So stay tuned, cause things are about to go from zero to sixty and it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!



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