Bringing It Back Around

So it’s been quite some time since I’ve sat at the computer and spilled my heart out.  I thought I’d bring you all back around to what’s been happening, what hasn’t been happening and what’s about to happen. First: What’s Been Happening Well, to be quite honest I’ve been spending  a lot of my life… Continue reading Bringing It Back Around



After dinner the “real” adults retired into the living room and the rest of us stayed at the dining room table.  We cleared away the dishes, put everything away and poured ourselves a round.  Then the cards came out.  Apparently Dimples and his family have this card game they play that I’ve never heard of… Continue reading Spoons


Family Fun Day

The weekend was filled with family and food and laughter amongst the air of sadness.  However there wasn’t a lot of down time with over fifteen people filling the house and a little one to entertain.  So we all piled in cars and headed out into the crisp November air to the children’s museum.  8… Continue reading Family Fun Day


Tip Toe

His fingertips tip toed down my back and it sent a shiver straight to the core of me. He grabbed my hands and held them tight down by my sides as he did nothing more than star at me. It made me extremely uncomfortable and as the tension rose I could feel my heart begin… Continue reading Tip Toe