About Being Allison


I am a girl. A woman actually. I have loved, I have lost, I have seen, I have heard and I still believe that there is nothing better in life than love. I grew up in an average Italian American home in a suburb of New York City. I come from humble means and was taught right from wrong at a young age. I still have my parents, one sister, two teenage daughters, two ex-husbands, two dogs and three cats. My life is a beautiful tapestry of chaotic mess like most mid-forty year olds. There is nothing remarkably special about me and yet, I find every day there is no one quite like me on this planet. And for that I find myself feeling extremely lucky. So here are my stories….enjoy them.

I highly suggest starting from the beginning, but feel free to jump in and start reading anywhere!

17 thoughts on “About Being Allison

  1. I read your tug of war. You need to let him go. He is not suicidal and he does have to work a lot certain times a year. It’s his job. If you can’t understand that he is not for you. He has his ups and downs but he’s a deep thinker and most deep thinkers do. Needing so much attention when someone just doesn’t have the time you deal with it or leave but not badger the person on public blogs


    1. Lisa thanks for taking the time to read, I appreciate your viewpoint. Keep reading to find out what happens as accidentallyallison is an entire composition of my transformation on my quest for never ending love one relationship at a time!


    2. I read tug or war too. “needing so much attention” – REALLY? His GF just wanted to be with HIM, meet him at his house after work, have dinner made 4 HIM, have a glass of wine & have sex with HIM. That’s wanting to “GIVE ATTENTION!” After a long day of work I would WELCOME that type of GF in my life! That type of GF should be cherished and appreciated not cast aside for anything. Relationships are a two way street and it seems to me that saying, “YES” to a GF that wants to have a home cooked meal, glass of wine and sex with you before you retire for the evening is the EASIEST choice in the world! As a matter of fact, HELL YES & THANK YOU!


  2. As to a post made on hastywords.wordpress.com,

    Believing in seeing an finding a truth of being real…

    Isn’t an overnight advent as you have found, ifinn one finds theirself you grow into being real, which takes time…

    May your life be continuously be enriched..



    Say hi to hasty for me…

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