7, 3, 2, Both

I have said the this statement more times in my life than I’d care to admit. It is part of my legacy, my history and basically now has become part of me. I wish it wasn’t true, but it is and as incredible as it sounds, in some way it’s worth it and in some ways it’s not worth it.

What is it you ask?

  • Proposed to 7 times


  • Accepted 3 of them


  • Married 2 of them


  • Divorced both


Now, I can see you may be concerned about this. One could ask that possibly my WhoHa has rainbows and butterflies coming out of it. How else would I be able to get 7 different men to propose to me? Well, unfortunately that is not the case. It is the same WhoHa every woman has and it wasn’t exactly 7 different men, but 7 proposals none the less.

It started when I was 17 years old. It was the week before Christmas and I was downtown for the holidays in 1992 when I saw a table set up where for $1 you could donate and write to a serviceman at the holidays so they could get mail and know they aren’t alone. I paid $2 and got 2 names. One was in the Army and the other was on Marine on a Navy ship in the Persian Gulf.

About 6 months after writing back and forth together and meeting once with my family, he called. I had him on the phone, with my mother hovering over me and he asked me to open the gift he’d sent. I did and inside was a ring. He asked me right on the phone to marry him. I sadly had to decline and that was the first time it happened. 2nd and 3rd times aren’t all that memorable, the fourth was the father of my children who became one of the ones I said yes to and one of the ones I divorced.

The 5th and 6th were the same person. I said no the first time, said yes the second time and within 30 days of saying yes at a surprise Birthday/Engagement party he called it off. Then the 7th. He was my second husband and my second divorce. We were married all of 7 months. We had dated for 3 years, lived together for 1 and had been friends over 20, but as husband and wife we lasted 7 long, strenuous months.

In the future if I have to recite these numbers again, I’d like them to read

  • 7 Times She never gave up even when she should/could have


  • She has 3 of the best friends a girl could ever ask for


  • 2 is the number of amazing daughters she has


  • She loves them Both equally even though they think I have a favorite


What would you’re 7, 3, 2, Both be?

7, 3, 2, Both

3 thoughts on “7, 3, 2, Both

  1. When my second marriage ended after 9 months I felt like I was the only one, aside from Kim Kardashian, who could give up so quickly on a marriage. 16 years later I realized we were the smart ones, knowing it was bad early on and getting out quickly. Thank you for your post!

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