Once the summer hit my daughter and I and the dogs spent most of our time at Jolly Guys house.  We would go to our house for clothes and to check and make sure no one broke in, but I will say at least 85% of our time and nights were spent there.  It became a very nice routine.  His kids, my daughter and he and I.  In my mind I had finally started to live the life I always wanted.  A family, a home, a kind and loving man.  Now the hard part would be having my daughter that was away meet him.  Like I said before, she had at this time a general mistrust of men and basically mistrust of my taste in men.  I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy sell, but hopefully I wouldn’t have to do all that much and things would begin to speak for themselves.  I had mentioned to her a few times on visits that I’d like her to meet him and in our therapy sessions and the answer was always a resounding NO.  She would say things like “I hope your happy, I really do, but I never want to meet another guy you date, I just don’t care”  It would cut me to the quick, but she had her reasons and I tried my best to understand them.  One day I had her home for the weekend and we needed to stop at his house for something so I told here he wasn’t home and I would just like to show her where we had been staying.  She agreed.  We got to his house and I could tell she was impressed although she held her ground about not caring.  While we were leaving he pulled up and my heart sank.  This could go very very wrong.  I held my breath as he got out of the car walked up to her, put out his hand and said “Hi, I’m jolly guy, you I’ve heard a lot about you, nice to meet you”  She didn’t flinch and I prayed the manners I taught her would come to good use right at this very moment.  She put out her hand and said “Hi, nice house”  With that we got in the car and we left.  We did not speak as I was still holding my breath.  Waiting for the unleashing of nasty words to come flying at me.  She didn’t say anything and anxiety began to creep into every vin inside me.  God say something already.  She didn’t until we got to her place and as she got out of the car and walked inside she said “I guess I could go there next weekend for a bit if you want me to”  My heart warmed and the blood came back to my face and I was proud of her ability to give it one more chance.  She didn’t have to and I wasn’t going to make her.  I didn’t need her permission, but trust me it’s so much easier when the kids don’t hate the guy you’re in love with.  Trust me on that one!  The next few weekends were great, I would pick her up for her visit and all 6 of us would hang out with Jolly Guy.  For the most part everyone got along.  They swam and we hung out and life seemed pretty freaking good if you asked me.  Jolly guy and I were heading towards happily ever after and I for one couldn’t wait.  We held hands and kissed and hugged and although the kids said we were gross they seemed to not mind it all that much.  I cooked my heart out and we began to operate like a regular nuclear family.  I know jolly guy liked it, I know he did, but there seemed to be a little tiny something that was gnawing at the back of my neck. Something that was so miniscule I barely noticed it, but I did.  I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but something about Jolly guy didn’t mesh quite perfectly.  I knew he had a very strained relationship with his ex-wife, I knew he had issues with his family although I thought they were all great. I fell in love with Jolly guys sister the minute I spoke to her on the her on the phone. But something was definitely not right and I was hoping I never found out what it was.  Wishful thinking.

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