Flying High

I woke up the next morning and it felt as if I was in an alternate universe. Everyone was getting along, Jolly Guy and I were making out and sipping coffee and giggling together. It took the whole week for us all to feel like a family again and now the vacation had come to an end and hopefully we could carry this feeling into our lives at home. The six of us spent the day together, no arguing, no snapping at each other, no snide comments or rude remarks under our breath. It was like a breath of fresh air and I could feel the mood had lightened. We did it, I thought to myself. We made is through this together. We stayed the course, we pushed through and with a little time and a lot of reminders, we were at a place that felt like the starting line. We had a chance to regain what we had lost and it felt as if everyone was ready to take that leap, together. As the day came to a close and we were all sitting around the dinner table, Jolly Guy and his kids had to leave that night. Jolly guy had to be back at work and his kids were leaving or camp for a while so my kids and I would finish out the weekend at the beach house and take our time and go home in two days. We packed them up and washed things and stacked things and looked under beds and in drawers to make sure they took everything that was ours. My girls and I helped them get all their stuff into their car and said our goodbyes. Jolly Guy and I kissed and hugged and he said “See you in two days, hurry home” and I said “I love you, thank you for this vacation.” And the girls all said their, whatever language teenage girls speak when they have inside jokes and they drove off. My girls and I went back inside and I wanted to do something just the three of us. I offered up going for ice cream and got a no. I offered up going to fly kites, again no. I offered miniature golf, the movies, a walk on the beach, the bay, rent a movie, no, no, no. I was beginning to feel that happy place feeling disappear and frustration begin to set in. “Well then what do you two suggest?” I asked in a much nastier tone than I meant to. I could see their teeth clench as they too began to get annoyed at me. “We aren’t six anymore you know?” As if! I knew they weren’t six! But I wished they were. I wished I could get them ice cream and they’d be happy and then watch some TV and put them to bed. Then I could lay down, knowing everyone is snug as a bug in a rug. Alas, they are not little anymore and I had to give them more room to grow. I didn’t like that one little bit, not one bit. They agreed to go for ice cream with me. Felt like a pity dessert run, but they came and when we arrived home, I laid on the couch and began to read and my younger daughter was on her phone and I wasn’t quite sure where my older daughter went. A little while later, she came out of the bedroom all dressed to go obviously somewhere. “Where are you going?” I asked. “Out” She said flatly. I wish that answer was all I had to give to my mother when I was her age, but it wasn’t and it wasn’t good enough for me either. “We are at the beach, where on earth could you possibly be going?” I said. Again she responded, but this time with a little more attitude “Out” I then explained to her that going out alone wasn’t smart especially when you don’t know where you are and don’t have a wing man. “Mom” she said “I’m going up to the beach, I’ll be gone a little over an hour. I’ll be back by my curfew, midnight right?” I was exasperated, and annoyed and I looked her in her beautiful tan face and said “Just remember, bad things can happen when you are out alone”

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