Day 3 Continues

We get to my parents house at the same time as the therapist and when she sees my daughter gives her a giant hug and they go in the house to start their session. I was off to the store and my parents to the basement so they could have their privacy. It took a lot longer than I thought and when they were done my daughter looked exhausted. Back over to jolly guys father’s house to pick up the other three. As I pull in, they all come running to the car each yelling about the other. It was mayhem and I couldn’t handle it. The sister comes out and tells me that my younger daughter has quite a mouth on her and she couldn’t believe how she spoke to her. I asked my daughter what the issue was and she said that the sister was bad mouthing her and me and she standing up for us and got yelled at. Then the three were fighting and I could see by the look on my other daughter’s face that we needed to leave. We got home and everyone including the sister and her family all came too. She asked again if they could stay at the house with us and although I thought it was totally absurd of her to ask, I caved. If she can’t handle three days with the step mom and she’s that horrible, just come over. We all arrived at our house the same time jolly guy got home from work. I made dinner and everyone sat around chatting as the drinks began to flow. I was only interested in getting my daughter into bed than crashing onto my pillow as well. The tension between jolly guy and I was on the verge of ridiculous. I didn’t know why he was being such a jerk and I really didn’t think I had done anything besides ask for his help. He sat on the deck for a long time with his sister and brother-in-law drinking and chatting and I sat for a bit as to not be rude, but it didn’t feel like my presence mattered. While on the patio his youngest daughter came out of the house crying saying that the girls, mainly my youngest was being mean. God it took everything in me not to say everyone get out and shut the hell up! I went inside to where the other three were laying and all of them said, even the one I trusted the most, said no one was doing anything. Of course an argument began and what happens next is a bit of a blur. I’m in the bedroom, about to walk out onto the deck, my youngest is in the hallway at the pantry looking for something to eat, my older daughter is stuck in the bathroom asking for someone to come help, jolly guys older daughter is in the bedroom sitting on the bed and his younger daughter I guess is trying to get passed my youngest daughter in the hallway. I hear “Can you move?” from his daughter, I then hear, “Can you…..” BAM< CLUNK< UGH…..”screaming” I run out to the hallway to see that his younger daughter didn’t wait for my daughter to move and she decided to hit her as she went past. At that exact moment Jolly guy comes inside yelling. My daughter asks “Aren’t you going to do something about that? You said the rule was no one was allowed to put their hands on anyone.” His response was “Maybe you should have gotten out of the fucking way.” With that my daughter is lunging at him and screaming all kinds of horrible things. I’m yelling for everyone to stop it and his daughter is hiding in the bedroom at this point. My poor older daughter is still stuck in the bedroom. It’s like a circus and my head was getting ready to explode. I calm down my younger daughter and I approach jolly guy and say “really?” His response, “Maybe she deserved it.” Great, just great. Apparently he skipped Parenting 101. My two daughters and I went into the bedroom and stayed there the rest of the night. I couldn’t take one more second of anyone. What the hell was going on???

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