I waited for Frick and Frack to text me back with information.  It again felt like forever being that patience and I don’t get along.  Frick comes back with “What the hell did you do?”  Huh?  I didn’t know what she was talking about.  “What?”  I asked her.  “What did you do?  You ran out on him?  He thinks you hate him. WHAT DID YOU DO?”  My mind started racing because I wasn’t comprehending what she was saying.  How could he think that? He really thought I had a bad time?  She must be joking, so I asked her again. “What did he say for real?”  I text and again waited.  Her response “That he thought the date was amazing until you ran out without a reason and couldn’t wait to get the hell away from him.”

So it made a little more sense, but I didn’t run out he got that phone call from his “son”  I explained to Frick that he got a call, said it was his son and that he would be home by midnight.  It was already getting late and I thought I’d be considerate and let him go so he could do his fatherly thing and touch base with him another time.  I also told her about my abrupt and awkward attempt at getting the first kiss over with and that I asked him NOT to walk me to my car, but he insisted and that’s what he got.  I text all this then again waited.  She came back “You are a fucking idiot.”  (sigh)  Now what?  She proceeded to tell me “The phone call WAS from his son you moron, but he was telling his son HE could be home by midnight.  Dimples was having an amazing time and was caught off guard when you got the check out of nowhere and ran off so quickly.”

Well TELL him, I thought.  Tell him, It was a misunderstanding.  Tell him I had a great time and would have stayed there all night and chatted and laughed.  Tell him I wish he would have kissed me slowly and for a long time and I am pretty sure I would have loved it.  “Fix it” I text her.  “Fix it now”  And then off into cyber world she went.  That Sunday went by and I didn’t hear from him.  I was sad about that because I was thinking maybe he didn’t believe Frick and thought I was a crazy person that just eats and runs and smashes their face against people and thinks that’s how making out is supposed to go.  Ugh!  It was all I could think about.

Then my phone chirped.  And it was him.  And I said “I was hoping to hear from you.”  And then I explained for myself that I thought I heard something different.  That I thought I was being NICE.  See, all that focus on me being NICE and this is what happens.  We laughed over it and thankfully it now made sense to him and all was right with the world.  Then he says something I found funny.  He says “I know you like to plan things out so at the risk of being forward, I am going to double book you. So how about we go out this Thursday and Saturday coming up?”

I was floored.  A man after my own heart.  To get two things on the calendar to look forward to?  Two dates in the books so to speak, he was talking my language and I liked it.  I liked it a lot.  But lets not get all ridiculous, it was the beginning, my favorite time of seeing someone where everyone is on their best behavior.  Everyone is acting “nice” and everyone is being who they “think” they are.  I wasn’t gaga by any means, but with each move Dimples made he made me think.  Think as in, wow, this is what it’s like to go out with an intelligent, funny man.  This is what it’s like to just purely enjoy someone’s company.  No airs, no expectations, no-nonsense.  Just him and me enjoying getting to know one another.

This I could do. This dance was intriguing and fun and light.  This was right up my ally.  Frick and Frack were right so far, they said they thought we were perfectly matched, that we would get along really well and that we would make a nice couple.  One date, two more planned, we shall see where that flying shoe is that’s going to hit me in the head when it falls.  It’s out there……

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