That day was magical.  From beginning to end, sheer magic.  I thought about that day for days after, taking in every look, touch, feeling that went on that day.  I wanted to bottle that day, that feeling we both had and save it for a rainy day when we were frustrated or doubting ourselves and what we were together.  I wished that I could take that day out of my pocket any time Dimples felt alone or sad or unloved for any reason and remind him, remind him of what we had and who we were.  It was us against the world.  One day it may be us against each other and on that day, it would be nice to remember this day.  To bring out those feelings of safety and warmth, of honesty and kindness.  To open the bottle and retrieve the message we gave each other that day, which was this, this was what we wanted in our lives, this was who we wanted to be, both as individuals and as a couple.  We were, well, we were unstoppable.  And isn’t that really the feeling you want when you are with your significant other?  Not untouchable, but unstoppable.  The world somehow opens up and gives you a second, third or even forth chance to get love right.  And when it’s right, it doesn’t mean it’s not hard or difficult at times, but the foundation, the fundamentals of who you are and what you want to be together shine through no matter how dull you think that light gets.

That was what we built that day and I’m not even sure he knew it was happening, but I think he did.  He was bright, maybe not all that intuitive like me, but smart.  And it didn’t take a genius to see our love growing, developing, morphing into something bigger than ourselves.  This, although amazing, was scary.  So very very scary.  When you are this high, when life gives you everything you ever wanted and you are starring it in the face, not everyone can handle it.  Some of us want to shy away, feeling undeserving or not worthy.  We are scared of getting hurt.  If the feeling of bliss is so heightened how hard will it be if we were to hit rock bottom from this high up?  It would be devastating.  It would be mind blowing.  It would be unbearable and yet we take the risk don’t we?  We risk it all until we convince ourselves the risk is no longer worth it.  Fear.  Triggers.  Our pasts all play a part in us destroying ourselves and the ones we love.  Dimples and I were not going to let that happen.  We were climbing the heightened ladder of love to the top and we would protect each other from falling short, from looking down and getting nervous.  Dimples and I were not going to be afraid of heights.  Like I said, it was us against the world; ride or die.

The next few days was the aftermath of feeling so amazing. It lingered in the air like the smell of dew on a summer morning or the scent that fills your house after all the sheets have been changed.  You notice it every once in a while when you open a window or turn a certain way, but it’s there, heavy in the air and sweet.  Like victory.  That’s what it felt like we were doing over the next few days, sitting back and appreciating our accomplishments and victories.  That we had made it this far and were so openly and honestly willing to keep going together.  It was like getting swept off your feet although you are certain they are firmly on the ground.  We had built our foundation.  We were laying the bricks of an ever lasting love one day at a time.  Our morals, values, views, families, children, careers, friendships all being intertwined as we created the world of us.  The world that would be filled with all that we lacked from our past relationships.  It would hold respect, trust, kindness, laughter, passion, intelligence and honesty.  It would probably also hold fear, doubt, nerves, awkwardness, insecurities, misunderstandings and communication gaps.  It would not be perfect.  We would not be perfect.  We would fall at times, we would even fail at times.  We would most likely say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, be the wrong thing to and for each other at times.  But that’s all part of it.  It’s all part of the learning curve of becoming us.

It was all part of creating the magic.  The definition of magic says it itself; the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.  Love is a supernatural force.  Love was creating our magic. Mysterious.  Influencing.  Changing the course of events. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.


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