The Show Must Go On

After that moment when he hugged me, all the troubles seemed to melt away.  He looked at me and asked “Do you still want to go to the show?”  Uh Yea I did!  So he got himself together and we headed down to my house so I could change.  The car ride was a bit more quiet than usual, but we were figuring it out, we were letting it go and we were going to try and enjoy ourselves.  We weren’t going to let this moment pass, like we had the night before.  So we were on our way.

We arrived and got parking when I realized we were quite a few blocks from where we should be.  It was a beautiful fall day, so we decided to make the best of it and create our own adventure.  We walked hand in hand as we passed place after place.  This was where I loved to be; the hustle, the bustle all going on around us.  The sights, the smells and Broadway, how could you NOT love it.  I felt completely at home and I just felt better being there and what made it even better was that we were there together.  We passed by a sign that read “Sunday Brunch $18”  we looked at each other and he suggested we go in.

We sat at the bar and ordered a drink and our breakfast and just talked and laughed and really began to enjoy the day.  We headed down towards the theater once we were finished and still being a bit early, we stopped for a drink.  I ordered a dirty martini. It was midafternoon, but why not?! We got to the theater, got to our seats and it was the most exquisite show I had ever seen.  I noticed during the show that Dimples got very emotional.  It brought you on a journey of emotion; sadness, happiness, love, betrayal, lies, patriotism, politics.  You name it, you felt it and it had apparently hit Dimples pretty hard.

When the show was over we were going to try and catch the second half of football game and make it home in time to watch, but as we were walking we went back to the bar we were at for Brunch.  We sat down, the bartender recognized us and we ordered more drinks and dinner while watching the game.  We chatted with each other, with the bartender, than with other patrons.  One gentleman asked if we moved into the building because he knew everyone and we seemed so friendly he had never seen us before.  That’s when I decided we were a couple in for the weekend looking at apartments and that we would be back the following week to hang with them.

The day was just fabulous.  On the way home Dimples made a confession “You were right, the day turned out great and I never would have talked it through with you, but I’m glad we did.”  I explained to him that sometimes things can get bigger in our own heads and when we feel like giving up is exactly the moment we should push through.  We should talk to one another any time we are feeling alone or upset or disappointed in each other.  That I once learned that after an argument if you really heard the other person, you should feel closer to them and that the topic you discussed should have closure.  And we did.  We talked it through, we listened to each other and we were closer after it was said and done.

That made me think; will I have to continue to convince him that we can make it through any situation or will he trust me enough to know we can do this?  I guess it was a lesson I would soon find out.



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