Before I go any further, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: what you are reading and why you are reading it. What: this is in no way about the people in the relationships, it is about me. I do not wish to bash, demean or judge any of these individuals as I hold a very special place in my heart for each and every one of them. They have each had a hand in helping me create and become the woman I am today and without them none of what you see would be possible. Some stories may be uplifting, some will be funny, hilarious even, they may be sad, they may even be dark and twisty, but they are all mine. Why: these stories are to bring you on a journey of my self discovery, of my self-awareness and of my inevitable destruction as a human being that helped me rebuild, persevere and create the person I am today. We will go on a winding road of heartbreak, hurt feelings, illness, intrigue, excitement, joy, laughter and happiness. I hope to bring you along with me as I tell the tale of my experience and through, what people tell me is strength, I saw as failure, open the door to being what I believe to be in a good place, proud of myself, happy with who I am and constantly growing. Each and every person from my stories is real, they have lives and families and I cherish their part in facilitating a change in me. I respect them for who they are, what they have meant to me and if this helps me validate just how important each person is in one’s life, how integral their participation is in your life’s journey…it will be worth it. Remember that this is about my short comings, my misgivings, my inability to be courageous enough to give to these people the version of me that they each deserved. What you read, what you experience are facts, but facts based on my side of the story and as we all know, there are three sides to every story: Mine, Yours and Mine……no wait that’s wrong. Mine, Yours and the truth. This is a one sided story of which you get my perspective on how these relationships: love interests, family, friends or children have catapulted me into a life change that I am glad only took me forty one years. I ask for your feedback, for your stories, how you can relate or if you think I’m full of it. Do not be shy, but be tactful. Know how easily words can inspire and destroy so speak from a place of kindness. Cause no matter what, everyone is making the best of their own screwed up situation, everyone has a story and you never know what that story is…..but with me….you’re about to.


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