Yeah Mon

There is no better way to celebrate or memorialize anything that happens in life other than a celebration, party if you will. So that is what I threw myself into. Planning not only a DP (Divorce Party) but a trip. Why should I not get a chance to relax, to enjoy, to regroup with my friends or on a beach? Is seems silly not to. Yes, I had no money, a brand new apartment, two small children a job and timing could not have been worse, but all that to the side, if I didn’t do something positive for myself I would have imploded. So I made food, sent out invitations and had a rocking party at my house to celebrate my new-found freedom. I also agreed with two friends to get on a plane and go to an all-inclusive vacation spot in Jamaica for seven days. At first the time seemed not long enough, but honestly how much resting can one do? So I packed my bags, took off work and boarded that plane to emotional stability. We arrived and the place was gorgeous, unfortunately two hours on a bus from the airport, but worth every second. There was the beach, the pool, the trapeze, the games, the concerts, the night club, the food and of course the drinks. The only down side to this vacation was that our balcony over looked the courtyard where we watched wedding after wedding ceremony and all the while it took everything I had not to scream “Don’t do it!” I held back the “speak now or forever hold your peace” and tried my best to enjoy the weather and the company. Now I’m not sure exactly how or when it happened, but it did. It was irresponsible and unpredictable and not me at all and yet I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m sure the bell hops or waiters or stewards end up hooking up with lots of girls, but I didn’t care. One night, after the night club and a few too many drinks, I landed myself in the bathroom of our suite with a tall, dark and Jamaican man. He kissed me hard and deliberate and without hesitation and it was hot and sexy and I loved the few stolen moments we spent together. The trip soon enough came to an end and we were getting ready to leave when we along with hundreds of other New Yorkers had our flights canceled due to a snow storm approaching the north-east. Every airport from Raleigh, NC north was closed and there was basically no way out of Jamaica. Too bad we were already at the airport two hours away from the resort when we found out. I can remember people everywhere annoyed and frustrated and crying even, at the thought of not getting home to their loved ones. My girlfriends approached me and said they were changing their tickets to fly into Miami and spend a day or two there until they could get home and it would cost X amount of money. I didn’t have that! I barely had the money for the trip we were on. I can remember clearly one of them saying “It’s everyone for themselves” they were going to leave me in Jamaica! ALONE! In an airport! What?! I could barely believe what I was hearing. I was scared and after a few moments heard a woman’s voice gathering people together who were from our resort saying we would all get on a bus together and go to a hotel near by tonight and then take a shuttle back to the resort the next morning and make them take us in until we could fly home. I arrived at what I was sure was the Jamaican rendition of the bates motel. My girlfriends ended up coming with us and I was so upset that I slept in another room with a complete stranger and awoke to a lizard on my foot, no water and the same clothes I went to bed in. One of my girlfriends appeared in my room to say let’s make the best of it and I appreciated her reaching out, but I was still pissed. We spent the next 3 days at full price at our resort enjoying the fun and the sun, but I didn’t really speak to them. One would think getting stuck in Jamaica would be a dream come true…not for this jersey girl. I never did understand that statement of everyone for themselves…..Although I can see how many people apply this to pretty much all facets of their lives. I am not an everyone for themselves kind of person. I am a take my hand, I’ll lead the way, I am a no one left behind, I am a we can do this as long as we have each other. Think about it right now…in your gung-ho attitude to move your life forward is there someone who may need to take your hand? If so……don’t leave them behind.

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