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Here For You

Although when the text came through it definitely stung, but I was desperately trying  to not make it about me.  This was about him.  He was having a hard time, he had had a really rotten few weeks and he just needed time to clear his head.  I knew that I had done nothing wrong,… Continue reading Here For You



So I started thinking about what the Pilot could possibly see in me.  I mean, I was cute, yes and funny, God I thought I was funny, but really there were so many hidden scars I wasn’t sure it was fair of me to entertain even seeing him casually without letting him know my story. … Continue reading Scars


Dye Job

Sometime in the next week I heard from the Pilot.  He asked if I was interested in going for coffee. Sure, why not.  I got myself together and met him at a local spot and we had coffee and dessert, even though I don’t really eat dessert.  I would much rather have appetizers again at… Continue reading Dye Job


Tree of Life

I felt blank.  Ever feel that way?  Like all I could think about was HIM and the accident and nothing much else.  I had fixed what I could and now I sat on the hand me down couch night after night and just felt blank.  I wished desperately that I could think of something else,… Continue reading Tree of Life


Dreams Are Made Of

I sat on that hand me down couch for quite a few weeks.  Not being depressed, but more like decompressing.  Things were still not all together back in it’s place, but we were surely getting there.  The house had been set up, my daughter had gone back to school, I was working and my older… Continue reading Dreams Are Made Of


Talk of the Town

A few days after accepting my new job spark guy called.  I felt awkward to talk to him being he never made me an offer on the job by him and I didn’t feel like explaining myself.  So I let it go to voicemail.  A few days later another call.  Then I started to feel… Continue reading Talk of the Town



Days turned into weeks and I went on more job interviews then anyone should ever have to. My days felt heavy with a sense of defeat although I thought I was putting up a good front. I was looked at by friends, family even my kids like I was a ticking bomb. They didn’t tip… Continue reading Reflection