Finding your Voice

Caller ID

My eyes began to dart around. Where did all the joggers and dog walkers go? Why were we the only two people all of a sudden. My mind started racing again, but this time I needed to figure out how to get the hell out of there without making any sudden moves. I chatted for a bit longer, trying not to make any alarming sounds although I think I must have yelped or something cause he began to look at my strangely and all I could think of was that he was dismembering me in his head. He was figuring out if I had “made him” that’s what they call it you know, when you are undercover and that is exactly what I now was. I was undercover trying to pretend that this was not in fact happening to me. What the hell was I thinking? How could I go on a blind date? Why was I at his complex? Why!!! I never took another sip of my coffee for fear he slipped something into it, but I would have noticed that right? I was hyper vigilant at this point, I would have noticed if he leaned over and slipped me a Mickie. As the conversation took a natural downturn he asked if I would be interested in another date. You are kidding me right? How was I going to get out of this without him lunging at me and stabbing out my eyeballs with his fingernails? I figured the less words I used the better. “I’m sorry, I had a nice time, but I don’t think I feel a connection. Thank you, but I should be going” I got up and he went in for a kiss, are you out of your mind??? I leaned in and let him kiss me on the cheek cause I was caught off guard and now scared to do anything that may upset him into walking me to my car. Also I was afraid maybe he had some psycho lip palm on that would put me to sleep or make me hallucinate and I couldn’t afford to not have my wits about me. Plus, eww, gross, he wasn’t the kissable kind of guy, not for me anyway. I walked to my car in a very fast gate and watched over my shoulder to ensure he wasn’t following me. I got in my car and locked the doors and couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I immediately called my girlfriends to explain the debacle and I was so mad at my friend for thinking this was the guy for me. What the heck? It wasn’t her fault, she was trying to help right? Of course she was. Over the next few days I found myself looking over my shoulder more, making sure the doors were locked and continued to get a very eerie feeling that made me shiver. Not sure how else to explain it. I was over reacting I’m sure. Or was I. The next three nights in a row I got phone calls in the middle of the night. My phone would ring three times, there would be no caller ID. It rang like the bell in calling Bloody Mary. The bell rang three times and then she appeared. I was beginning to get freaked out. I knew it was him, but I couldn’t prove anything. Here’s where things got strange. On the fourth night my phone rang three times and I picked it up. “Stop calling me” I yelled into the phone and they hung up. A few minutes later the same thing happened. The phone rang, I let it ring three times and then I answered it. They never said a word on the other end of the line. “STOP CALLING ME” I insisted in my meanest mommy voice. The phone proceeded to ring in three-ring increments for the next hour. I did not answer it again. I finally turned off my phone and went back to sleep. The fifth night the calls began to get increasingly more frightening. I never answered, but this time there would be voice mails. I would wait until the symbol showed up and I instantly listened. At first there was nothing on the message. I listened to four voice mails and nothing on the other end. Nothing. It was like Chinese water torture. On the sixth night of this disturbing mind warfare he left a horrifying message.

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