So the answer came in but not for a day or so. Seriously, I know the guys are looking every day to see if they get a message too, why would you wait a day or so? But he did and he was all giggles. He was fun guy, jolly guy, silly guy. He was exactly what I needed. He was light and airy like linen on a spring morning. He was going to be exactly what the doctor ordered for this old girl. He answered with something clever and funny and I was instantly taken by him. He was quick-witted and jovial, almost like Santa Clause. We chatted online for a few days and then it came….the question: “Can I have your number?” Ugh, and there it was. I explained to him that I hadn’t given my number out since the whole Storage Unit incident and that I would be more comfortable chatting on the site then “in person” So he agreed and that lasted about another week or so. We started this strange but cute game of asking questions back and forth. We called it “Your turn” So we went through what’s your favorite color, where did you grow up, were you married, etc. All the things one should ask but really does knowing your favorite color make a difference? Has anyone ever not dated someone cause their favorite color was blue? Probably not, but we ask and somehow feel like we are closer to that person by knowing. Like that’s the deepest darkest secret they could tell us and now we are in their inner realm because we know. I looked forward every day to come home and chat with him online. I felt, as I often did, like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. It was quite a high to see that pop up that he was there and waiting for me, excited to hear the next thing I had to say. He seemed interested and was very talkative and sounded genuine. Or as genuine as a dating website could have you be. Then about a week later he asked again; “Can I get your number?” Ugh, seriously? I again explained why I didn’t want to, but really I couldn’t have him call me in the midst of all that was going on at home, we were a catastrophe and I didn’t want him to know that just yet. I wanted him to just see/hear me and only me. Then he explained that it’s difficult for him to go online from work and that he didn’t have to call me on the number but we could text and that would be easier for him. So I thought about it and agreed. Shortly after that my phone blew up and there he was. I felt like somehow he had infiltrated my inner sanctum and it bothered me and yet I was glad he was there. I got to lay in bed and text and chat and it felt nice. It was easy. He was easy to talk to, he was funny, he was light and he made me feel good. The next level of questions didn’t get really personal until a few weeks later. We just passed 4th of July and were well into July when the conversation switched from chatting to when can we meet up. I could only hold him off for so long before he thought I was a weirdo for not wanting to meet up or that I was a man. I gave a few excuses at first and he didn’t seem to have a problem that I was busy with work and kids and it wasn’t fitting into the schedule of his work and kids. Then we started talking on the phone. And his giggle was infectious. It just made feel better to hear his laughter and brightness shining through the phone. He always seemed to sound upbeat and happy and that was a breath of fresh air. He wasn’t so serious like dreads and he seemed interested in all I had to say. As the days went by I could hear him growing impatient. So I finally agreed to meet him. The day before out meet up I canceled and received this text “When you are ready for a relationship let me know. I’m not interested in being your diversion or playing games.” How did he know that’s what I was doing AND who did he think he was talking to me like that!?

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