Tight End

Maybe it’s me? It probably most likely is me. How on earth am I going to find someone to talk to who is willing not to meet up and not to take my phone number? It’s wasn’t going to be easy, but I continued my search. I spoke with a guy who’s first question was “What football team do you like to see lose?” That’s easy, I am an avid football fan. I like watching the draft, spring training, fell in love with HBO’s Hard Knocks series following one team from spring training through opening day, I like to watch pre-season, in season and post season. I get annoyed by the time playoffs come cause I know the best sports season of the year is ending and well, super bowl is always depressing except for the few times my team was A) actually in it and 2) actually won. So I tell him my favorite team to watch lose is Dallas. Always Dallas, with the Eagles being a close second. The man told me it was a deal breaker. A DEAL BREAKER. I can understand trust, loyalty, even politics being a deal breaker, but the team I like to see lose? Fine. But I was beginning to see why all these men were still single. I mean I’m not your typical girl when it comes to football. I can quote you players and stats and who had what injury and when their downfall was. What their best play was, what team they were transferred from and what position they’d be best at playing. Apparently yet another sign to me that I was in fact still not good enough for someone. I was getting very tired of that theme. I’ll watch every game I told him. I’ll watch the Thursday night games and even the Saturday night games after College football is over. But nope, he wasn’t budging. I’m not sure I was annoyed more at the fact that he was being what I thought to be ridiculous over football or that he was unwilling to compromise. Both annoyed me and I let it go, but not without telling him everything I thought was wrong with his organization. Then I chatted with a guy who wanted to tell me all the things he loved about me. How can you love me when all you’ve gotten from me was a picture and a hello? Now I believe in love at first sight, but he hadn’t seen me yet, get it? I scrolled and swiped through tons of photos a day. I became obsessed with finding someone “normal” which was like looking for a needle in haystack, which poses the question why on earth would there be a needle in a haystack? I ended up talking to one guy that as the conversation went on it turns out he was the older brother of a classmate from high school of mine. Of course he was. He asked things like “You married who?” and “Wait you graduated with my sister!” Ok, so moving on from that too. I wasn’t going to find anyone, I had decided that my girlfriends were wrong and that this was not a diversion at all, but more stress than I wanted. Then one afternoon I was sitting there and came across this one guy. He looked fun. He was kinda cute, a bit overweight, all smiles and all his pictures were of doing really awesome things like being on a boat, or at the beach or at a silly party dressed up as something. He had pictures of he and his kids and they were driving race cars or laying by a pool. There were lots of red solo cups and lots of people in these photos having fun. That’s him. I needed fun guy, boat guy, silly guy. I sent him a note, not a poke or a smile, but a note. “Hey, your pictures are great, looks like you know how to have fun. Would love to hear where “this” picture was taken.” So I sent it and then the waiting begins. I hate waiting, have I mentioned that? I don’t have patience, I don’t like things that take forever, I don’t like to “wait and see” I want it all now and I have no problem making it happen. But alas….I had no choice, I would wait and see if he answers. Such an ego tease, but maybe this could be someone I could get to know. What’s the worst that could happen?

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