Sally Fields

I woke up the next morning with butterflies as I rushed downstairs to the computer. I logged on and with one eye open I waited to see if anyone in their right mind wanted to talk with me. Much to my surprise my inbox was a flury with action! “They like me! They really like me” I thought. There were notes and pokes and smiles and messages and the list went on and on. Hundreds of messages of interest in little old, screwed up, broken down, hot mess me. Me! I started at the top and quickly skimmed through to see what they had to say. This one from northern NJ liked sports and thought I was cute, that was from the city rode a motorcycle and thought I was funny, the other one from the island loves the sun and wanted to meet. I read through the first dozen or so when I noticed the tone of some of the messages had changed. They were not as nice or open as the previous ones. The began to tell me things like “you must be a bitch to be alone and hot” or “really? You like food more than your kids” and “you’re a fan of that football team your not worth it” Now I’m no expert, but I don’t think insulting women is a great way to get them to go on a date with you but what do I know. I answered every last message I had. Even to say “thanks for sending a note” but I realized there were hundreds if not thousands of men just waiting, hoping out there that their next lay, next date, next girlfriend, next wife would be found by scrolling these pictures. I could sit for hours just swiping past guy after guy looking at photos, waiting for someone, something to pop out at me. To make me stop on my tracks. To make me say hmmm maybe him? But it was few and far between.  There was plenty of nice looking guys with jobs and families but nothing really peaked my interest. I sent a few “likes” out and got responses and chatted a bit over the next few days, but everyone wanted my phone number or to meet right off the bat and I wasn’t up for another storage unit guy so I held off. Plus I wasn’t planning on meeting up with them! I was just looking for someone to talk to. To maybe giggle with and to keep my mind off my troubles. Was that so hard to find? I thought it’d be easier then finding my next boyfriend but it wasn’t. It was just as hard if not harder. As I avoided giving out my number or not accepting dates these men would get annoyed. Annoyed! Again I don’t know anythjng about anything but leading with hostility cause you can’t get a woman’s number does not usually help in changing their mind. Does it?

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