1st Impressions

I arrived at the restaurant and ordered myself a glass of Malbec. My most favorite wine of all time.  I saw him walk in and was thanking God in my head he looked exactly like his photo.  I felt like I already knew him being we had been talking on and off for five months.  I gave him a big hug and it was like squeezing a teddy bear.  He enveloped me in his arms and the hug felt real.  We talked and laughed and actually had a really great time.  It felt like we were old friends and I appreciated the sincerity behind his words.  We watched as the restaurant turned into a bar and the over 40 clan hit the dance floor.  The men gathered around the edges like vultures watching their prey.  We made jokes an laughed as we put couples together in our heads, giving them back stories on how they ended up there and looking for love on the dance floor.  We ordered a round of drinks and I was thinking that I was on my third glass of wine and when were we going to sit down and order something to eat.  Even an app would hold me over, but that didn’t seem to come into play.  We talked some more, laughed some more and got another drink.  At this point I could feel my legs were a little like jelly and my head was spinning and I was a little louder than usual.  I guess the wine was going to my head and everywhere else for that matter.  We went outside so he could smoke a cigarette and before I knew it we were kissing.  I can remember a woman talking to me and telling us to “get a room” when I said….”I’m on a blind date”  The ladies and I laughed and I could tell at this point I had approached tipsy and was making my way quickly to being drunk.  Stupid girl!  Hold your shit together.  What was I going to tell him?  That I gave up drinking and I’m a lightweight and now he would have to take me home?  Of course not.  I played it off as I was just a fantastically good time.  We went back inside and he told me his friends were waiting for him at another bar.  I said he should go and I should go home.  He insisted I go with him.  At this point any person, woman in their right mind would have called it a night.  You don’t get into a car with a man you don’t know, having had too much to drink and go somewhere you have no clue how to get to or how to get home.  But, much like the mess I am.  I got in the car and off we went.  It felt like we went over every hill and turn at lightning speed.  My stomach was flipping all over the place and I was beginning not to feel well at all.  We arrived at the bar and we walked in hand in hand.  He of course knew everyone and they smiled and hugged and shook hands.  I saw a very large man and a very tiny man standing next to each other and that’s pretty much the last thing I remember.  I told him I needed to use the lady’s room and proceeded to spend the remainder of the night in there.  I vomited at the sine of every flush, thinking I was so clever and no one knew I was getting sick.  I got myself together and made my way halfway back to him and he gave me the thumbs up sign basically asking if I was ok.  I can remember looking at him and shaking my finger and turning around and making my way back to the ladies room.  This scenario happened three times.  On the fourth time he made a gesture to leave and I agreed, thankful I didn’t have to endure the loud music and screaming chicks any longer.  I tried with all my might to say bye to his friends who I am sure were telling him to leave me in the bathroom.  We got to his car and he asked if I was ok, of course I was NOT ok.  He said “You can’t drive, lets leave your car and I will take you home”  I couldn’t even argue.  I could barely keep my head up and my eyes open although I tried with everything I had.  He handed me a breath mint and then we proceeded on the longest car ride of my entire life.

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