Nice Going

I woke up the next morning feeling like death and totally embarrassed by myself.  I was a grown woman, not some twenty something year old at a college frat party.  I should have known better and I should have not cared and just gotten myself at the very least a roll.  Hindsight’s 20/20.  As I laid on my bed going over the events of the night I started to think, it wasn’t all that bad was it?  Yea, yea it was. All of a sudden I realized I didn’t have my car.  Oh my god.  Now not only did I feel like death and look like death I was going to have to call one of my girlfriends to help me go get my car.  Ugh.  So I did the inevitable “walk of shame” with my girlfriend back to the bar to get my car and got home and got back into bed.  I laid there thinking what to do next.  I had to apologize, but really there was no excuse for my poor display of adulthood.  I picked up my phone and dialed jolly guys number and it rang once, then again, then again, then his voicemail (thank goodness)  I then said “Well, that’s one way to make a first impression.  I wanted to call and apologize.  I am so very sorry for last night.  I will totally understand if I never hear from you again, but I wanted to say thank you for a nice night and for driving me home and being such a gentleman.  I appreciate it”  And I hung up.  An hour went by and I heard nothing back.  Another hour went by and still nothing.  I get it.  There was really no need for him to call me back.  What would he say?  You’re welcome?  Thanks for not puking in my car?  I felt like an idiot and rightfully so, I was ashamed of myself.  Then I began to think about the fun we had before I ruined it.  The ease of conversation, the belly laughter, the kiss.  I got out of bed and started to get myself together to take a shower when I looked down and saw the breath mints still laying there on the floor.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  God I hate breath mints. They are curiously strong and made me very sick.  That was my take away, when drinking too much do not try to compensate your vomit breath with a fresh minty feel.  About three hours after my initial apology phone call my phone rang.  I was stunned to see it was jolly guy, but braced myself for what he could possibly have to say.  I picked up the call and said hello and on the other end all I heard was laughter…not hello, not superlatives, but sheer jolly laughter.  And then I laughed and begged him not to make fun of me.  These are the words he then spoke “I didn’t call you back cause I was busy at work and because I wanted to make you sweat a bit, but I have to say, two weeks ago my very best friend married his soul mate and on their first date she threw up on him.  I have to take last night as a good sign.  And I’d love to see you again, but no mistake… will never live this down”  I was shocked and touched. He said he had to go and get back to work, but that he would never forget his first date with me and that I had surely made it memorable.  Just when you expect people to do one thing they do another and totally surprise you.  I was of course still horrified by my behavior, but what a breath of fresh air to not get yelled at or put down or scolded like a child.  All he did was laugh.  A deep, raspy, belly laugh.  Of course at my expense, but he was right.  What a wonderfully fantastic and ridiculous story to be able to tell our grandkids one day.  When they were age appropriate of course.  All of a sudden I was whisked back to reality out of my dreamlike state of fairy tale endings when my daughter walked into my room with a cup  of coffee and toast slammed it on the dresser and said “I made this cause I thought you were sick, but your just hung over. Nice going”  I had nothing to say to that.  She was right.  But then I changed the tone of what she said and said it again to myself with a smile……Nice Going.

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