There was no more time to waste feeling sorry for myself.  I needed to turn things around immediately.  My girlfriends sister used to be a car salesman and calls to tell me she made a call.  For me to call her old boss and although it’s not really what I want to do or could even do, he’d be willing to talk to me and help out if he could.  She gave me his name and number and so I called.  He answered the phone in a sultry yet semi professional voice.  He was multi tasking and talking to me at the same time as having a meeting in his office.  He gave me a time to come down and meet him.  The next day I got my skinny self together and put on my best face and waltzed myself into the dealership.  I asked to speak with him and the nice receptionist made me fill out an application.  I haven’t filled out an application since I was sixteen, but so be it.  Beggars couldn’t be chooser’s at this point.  I waited a short bit and then he walked out.  He was tall and built with salt and pepper hair.  He had black rimmed glasses and I could tell he worked out, but loved to eat.  He had a sexual vibe to him like cigars and old scotch in a jazz club kind of sex appeal and instantly when we sat down I could feel a spark.  Not in the dating kind of way, but in a this person is going to mean something to me kind of way.  We talked business for a few minutes and then he says “You are over qualified for this position, but I will give you the job if you want it until you find something.”  I was flattered and within minutes the conversation went from business to personal and we talked as if we were old friends.  I thought for a split second that when we were done talking he was going to ask me out.  It’s just how it felt.  I could tell he was attracted to me, I’m not being conceited, I could just tell.  I told him my story and how I got to where I was and who my ex was and what dealership he worked for and the conversation just took off from there.  I put all my crap on the table and let him decide and sort through it.  Two other men then joined in the conversation and we shot the shit and talked business and all of a sudden it felt like we were old colleagues discussing business in a way that I had been working there for years.  I didn’t realize until then actually how qualified I was and that when I talked shop I knew what I was talking about.  The meeting lasted about two hours.  I shook everyone’s hand and declined the position, but they said they may have something else in mind for me.   Two days later I returned to meet with Spark Guy and his boss, I assumed was one of the owners.  They again were funny and light and we talked shop like nobodies business.  The offered me a position in which I would be in charge of the BDC…..fancy name for call center.  I have to admit that even in my homelessness working weekends and nights until after 9 was not really my idea of a great job, but they seemed to have some confidence in me so the process continued.  A few days later I did a phone interview with a trainer who at the end offered me a position training with her.  I thought that was weird, but hey…at this point I was flattered that anyone thought I had any value to add to anything.  I met yet again with Spark guy a few others and even put together a little report on how the business could grow based on objectives I’d investigated for their dealership.  They seemed to be at some kind of a stand still and began to get jittery at the thought of bringing this part of the business in-house.  Why does it take men so long to make decisions?  Either let’s do this or lets move on.  What the heck were they waiting on?  The days seemed to turn into  weeks and although I was interviewing everywhere else I felt like I could really contribute to the position with Spark Guy.  Except of course how do you take a job where you already know that you and your boss have some unwritten language going on?  Answer:  You don’t.

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