Meet & Greet Photos 9/23/2015

I wanted to take a second outside my regular posts to let you have a sneak peak into last night’s AccidentallyAllison’s first Meet & Greet Discussion Night.

We had a wonderful time and I thank everyone who came out to support me and learn a little more about what being AccidentallyAllison is all about.  More to come in the upcoming months so stay tuned and KEEP READING!!

Some of what the attendee’s are saying about last night’s event:

First time I went to an event like thís and was very impressed! A lot of what you stated hit home!
Thank you for enlightening me that others are in the same boat!

Allison was amazing, looked beautiful, was serious, hilarious, engaging and absolutely AWESOME! AccidentallyAllison was AmazingAllison last night! BRAVO!!

You were Marvelous!  good timing, charming, funny and beautiful!!!!

25   26   34

18   17   23

12   2   5   7   13 (1)   36   42

Photo credit Ezume Images 

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