Feature – Amanda Acevedo Inspirational Yogi

I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to an inspirational young woman. I have known Amanda Acevedo for about a year now and I have to say her story has truly touched me. She has taken some rough road and put them into some positive pathways. Here is a little about her:

Hello there. My name is Amanda Rose and I have been a yogi for about four years
now. I am only turning 23 years old but have been through enough to know what
it’s like to be at your lowest point and slowly crawl back to the top. Yoga
saved me. Seriously, at the age of 19 I was depressed, anxious, suicidal and
just completely lost. I had seen some old friends of mine posting awesome
pictures of themselves doing twists, inversions and even partner yoga. This was
the only thing that motivated me to move; literally. I knew I needed help but I
was not doing anything to help myself. I laid around waiting for change to
happen. I began trying these cool poses out and then looking up online classes,
which then turned into taking classes with a physical teacher. I was so
fascinated by moving my body in a way I didn’t think was possible while keeping
my mind calm. I fell in love with this practice and in turn fell in love with
myself. Yoga has helped me look myself in the mirror and say “I love you” and
mean it. I do not have a college degree because I was not passionate towards
anything besides singing and money for school was an issue. However, I am
currently and finally a certified yoga instructor. Teaching therapeutic, Astanga
lineage, vinyasa and kids yoga. I intend to open up a holistic healing center
helping people of all ages. I invite you to share this journey with me. Yoga
will help to find your inner peace and open up your heart. I am teaching in New
Jersey around the Bergen county area : Ojas Yoga Edgewater, Soul in Motion
Cliffside Park, Club Metro Fort Lee (and private sessions upon request) Namaste,
and I hope to see you on the mat.

Email: Amanda.acevedo33@yahoo.com for more information or take a second to stop down at one of her classes.

This young woman is making strides to change not only her life, but to better others through peace, love and a sense of self. Again, nothing better than supporting each other through health and wellness.

amans amana

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