I’m Back

Good Morning,

For the last two months I have found myself busier than I think I’ve ever been in my life.  As you know I am a single mother of two daughters and I am proud to say that in the last two months we have hit quite a few very important milestones.  Aside from writing my blog, I work a very consuming corporate job as a Director of Supply Chain.  I am in charge of moving millions of dollars of ingredients around the country in order to make product that goes to retail.  It is time intensive and I love it, but it has been super busy as of late.  On top of that I have been running non-stop in order to keep up with my life.  Ever feel like that?  Like every day you have something that needs to be done and there’s no one else but you who can do it?  Well, that’s been me.  Below is a list of the few things that have grabbed my attention over the last few weeks that has totally taken away my ability and time to put towards writing:

  1. Niece’s Confirmation
  2. Mother’s Day Brunch (That I hosted)
  3. Mother’s Day
  4. Memorial Service for a Family Friend
  5. Bought my daughter a used car
  6. Sold my daughter’s used car
  7. My daughter got her license (Which is HUGE since she refused to drive ever after being hit by a car 2 years ago)
  8. Leased a new car for my daughter (You know how long that takes right?!)
  9. Day trip speaking engagement for Diva Girl Philly
  10. Memorial Day Weekend
  11. Break Up with boyfriend
  12. Back together with boyfriend (You know how much talking that takes!)
  13. Senior Prom for youngest daughter
  14. My Father was hit by a car (Not too serious, but honestly!)
  15. My Mother’s Birthday
  16. Boyfriends Son’s Prom
  17. Father’s Show he Directed for local Hobbyist Group
  18. Finals for my youngest daughter
  19. Graduation practice for youngest daughter
  20. Graduation from Cosmetology School for oldest daughter
  21. Graduation from High School for youngest daughter
  22. Graduation Party weekend for both daughters
  23. Ex-Husband up for the weekend to celebrate graduations with us
  24. Boyfriends son graduates High School
  25. Parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
  26. Boyfriend’s son’s gradation party
  27. Oldest daughter’s birthday dinner
  28. 2 year anniversary of oldest daughter getting hit by a car

So, needless to say, life has gotten the best of me and thankfully 95% of the things listed above are all good, but Man I’m Tired!!!  Just wanted to let you know that I will be back at it in the next week and bringing you all kinds of goodies!  From He Said/She said, continuing my story of my quest for never-ending love, to original articles and thoughts straight from the heart.  Bare with me another few days and we will be up and running in no time!

Thanks for your patience!  Happy Summer!!!

Allison Hill


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