Adult New Year’s Eve

Dimples and I decided kind of last-minute to have a New Year’s Eve Adult Dinner Party. All our kids had plans so we invited both sets of parents, one of his mother’s best friends and his God Father. I bought silly decorations and we basically begged the kids to stop by and celebrate with us. Teenagers think they are so cool and so smart and all 3 of them gave us the “Maybe we’ll stop by” answer.

I got out of work early and headed to the store to get all the scrumptious things to cook and headed over to Dimple’s house. I arrived and he was still working so I got to work on the decorations first. I set the table as I often like to do with white flowers and a centerpiece of Happy New Year! Then I got to cooking. I always think NYE should have the “special” things to eat. Nothing that you would normally cook, whether it’s because it’s elegant or because it happens once a year, but I put a menu together that I was pretty proud of. Filet Mignon, Shrimp Scampi, Spinach soufflé, salad and my girlfriend’s famous garlic bread. I put out appetizers and made some cocktails and then it was time to get dressed.

Dimples came home to the house smelling delicious and me looking delectable and then it was party time! The parents arrived along with the friends and other family and we chatted the night away. All my parents kept saying was “How nice this was” I had a feeling it was being followed silently with “without the kids” The night seemed to go by so fast and Dimples and I operated like a true team. Serving, passing, plating food and dishes and the clean up was all him. It was nice to “play house” that night and watch as our parents discussed how they met and what it was like “back in their day”. The night got late quickly and my parents, being a bit older than his decided it was time to go. I drove them home so they didn’t have to worry about driving in the dark and when I returned to the house everything was cleaned up and everyone was relaxing on the couch still chatting and drinking.

The doorbell rang and next thing you know the kids had arrived and it was before the ball had dropped. All 3 of our teenagers made it to the house with friends and boyfriends in toe. I could see Dimples light up as he looked around his home; family, friends, me all enjoying one another. It was perfect. The countdown began, the ball dropped, the champagne popped and we kissed. He whispered “Thank you, I love you.” In my ear. I gave him a big hug and reminded him what I told him the first week we were together “I want to be something you look forward to, this is what we have to look forward to.” He smiled and kissed me again. The guests left and the kids stayed and we talked the night away. It was just awesome to see everyone interacting and having fun and enjoying one another. It was close to 4am when I couldn’t take it anymore and I went to bed.

He came into the bedroom a few minutes later and again, like on Christmas night, said to me “This is what I’ve always wanted. This is what I dreamt my life could be like and I couldn’t imagine it with anyone besides you.” I believed him. I loved him and this was the first day of a new year that was filled with possibilities. Unfortunately reality has a way of returning with a swift kick. How quickly things would change.


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