Three Little Words

Things were good and as the spring rolled around I never had to think about all the things I’d had thought about with other men. Jolly guy was indeed different and had me 100% in hook line and sinker. I never worried about money. I paid my bills as always and offered to cover as much of our outing as possible, but he always seemed to have enough. It was quite refreshing to be with a financially stable man. He never missed work, ever. He could have been out the night before until 4am, but he always got up for work and I respected his work ethic. It was nice to see someone take working for a living seriously. I didn’t have to plan everything. I love to plan things, anything and everything, but it was so nice to have things planned for me. Showed he had forethought and I loved that. I didn’t have to worry if he had time to see me. We had a pretty good schedule in place and now that we could have the kids around it seemed like spending time together was effortless. The only thing I did notice was we did everything with his friends or up by his house. My girlfriends noticed it too. Very rarely did we get together at my friends or my house anymore. My life little by little was being transplanted up by him, but I kinda liked it. It was going on mid-April I think when I decided we would go to a restaurant down by me. As we got in the car I could tell he was in a bad mood. And then I heard it…it came out of his mouth and stuck into me smoothly and swiftly like cutting butter. “How come you never……” I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly cause it caught me off guard. What? Oh no. He didn’t. I instantly was stung like a bee in my eyeball. The tears rose and my face got hot and all I could muster was ” I don’t deserve to be talked to like that” we began to argue and I was crying and dinner didn’t go so well. We spent most of the dinner ignoring each other and left to of course go and meet up with his friends. We had been together now six months and this was our first big blow out. We were standing in the parking lot of the bar and again I said “I don’t deserve to be spoken to like this, this isn’t how you talk to someone you love, but I’m not sure you do” he at this point had never told me he loved me and I suppose my insecurity got the best of me. He came close to my face and for a split second I got nervous and he said “of course I’m in love with you. I love you” I dried my tears and he hugged me hard and all the world ills melted away. I knew he loved me, he showed me with every thing he did for me, but I needed to hear it. Once I heard it I felt like I could do anything. I was on top of the world and I said it back. Not because I was supposed to but because I felt it. I felt it in ever single ounce of my being. And at that moment I knew anything was possible. What I didn’t know was how those three little words would change everything. 

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