Feature Week – Randi Levin: Reinvent, Refresh, ReYOU!

“The worst part of the divorce was that he got all my high school guys friends and I got nothing. I was left losing him and seven other men that I had known and loved for so long. Memories that I had been a part of, they had been at both of my weddings, they had been at the births of my children, they had been at birthday parties and milestones and I had been at theirs. And in this marriage, I lost a large part of my past that I could never get back. And that is something I still regret” ~ The Final Hour, AccidentallyAllison

I recently came across an article written by Randi Levin a Certified Transitional Coach, Mentor, Writer and Inspirational Speaker that dealt specifically with losing friendships at the END of a divorce. I felt it said exactly what I had gone through and felt during my second divorce and related to my quote above from February 22. 2015 in The Final Hour.

Her article gets down to the heart of what it’s really like to lose those you once spent time with, who you thought were your friends and who’s lives you will no longer be a part of. This one quote from Why Divorce May Spell the END to Some FriENDs seemed to sum it up:

When you experience significant change in your life and in yourself, it does not necessarily mean that those around you are changing too. When you are in motion, others may not be, and so the dynamic of the relationship is altered.

Her article was featured on Ridgewood Moms site and is listed below.
Why Divorce May Spell the END to Some FriENDs by Randi Levin July 25, 2015

I urge you to check out Randi’s work as her words are inspiring and I believe there is truly something that will resonate with you as it did with me.

Check out her Facebook page listed below and see all the amazing things she is doing to help you see you in a new light.


~ Randi Levin , Certified Transitional Coach, mentor, writer and inspirational speaker, partners with her clients to define and navigate the many “acts or chapters” of their lives. She is a subject matter expert in the art of reinvention and it is her joy to unleash her client’s unlimited potential and to tap into what she calls, “the evolving business of you.” Contact RandiCLevin@gmail.com or 347-395-6255

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