Firework Kisses

His mother passed by him standing at the door and gave me a giant hug.  Then she said “Go put some pants on” It was a very funny exchange.  He went to put his pants on and arrived back to the living room and grabbed me, hugged me, kissed me and I could see his face coming down from shock and into bliss.  He seemed genuinely happy to see me and very surprised.  He asked how I did it and the mother and I explained our stealth operation of spy work and espionage.  The sister who also lived there had no idea, the mother told no one.  She’s good.  I had told eighty people at home and an entire airport and passengers on the plane. And I did text them all I might add and let them know it all went swimmingly.

He took in my luggage and put it in his room and we sat for a few minutes and he kissed me some more and just stared at me in awe.  It was cute and I felt great for being there and doing this and I was very happy that it went off without a hitch.  We all freshened up and headed out to a family friends house for dinner.  I was tired, but this is what I came for.  To spend time with him in his familiar habitat.  To experience what he experiences and to build some memories together.  No one would ever be able to take this moment away from us.  And for that, it was all worth it.

We arrived at the family friends and it was like walking into a time warp.  A good one.  The sights, the smells, the accents.  I could feel the presence of my grandmother around me and everyone was so welcoming.  It was like coming home.  They asked about the surprise and we laughed and giggled as they talked to me in Italian and I had no idea what they were saying.  They asked if I was sure I wanted to spend the night with Serendipity because if I had a doubt I could stay with them.  It was all light and fun and familiar feeling.  Serendipity and I left around 10:30 after celebrating New Year’s Eve early style with the family and friends and headed to the beach.

He parked the car and grabbed my hand and I’m pretty sure he didn’t say much more all night than “I can’t believe you’re here.”  and “I can’t believe you”  We walked up to the beach hand in hand.  The water was gorgeous, the lights from the surrounding bars made the water dance as the waves rolled in.  We could hear music as we stood there kissing.  It seemed like things could not get anymore perfect and then they did.  We looked up for a quick second and saw just a few fireworks.  Now here’s the scene: Standing on the beach, with the man you are falling in love with, after a wonderful surprise visit, the water tip toeing its way to the shore, the music playing in the background, the lights flickering as trees and leaves swayed past bulbs giving off a decadent romantic feel, the fireworks, the kiss.  The passionate, wondrous, full of feeling kiss.  We both stopped for a second and he asked “Did you plan all this too?”  We laughed and I replied “No, I couldn’t plan it any more perfect than it is”

We left the beach and walked up to a bar and had a few drinks.  The night was warm and the breeze refreshing.  I sat on a chair and he stood in-between my legs kissing me, smiling, I’m sure wondering who the hell I really was.  At that moment, I really didn’t know.  I was going with my gut and my gut said him.  Just him.  It was just before midnight and I asked him to leave one regret in the year before it turned to the next and he said “My regret I leave in this year is that I didn’t meet you sooner and spend more moments with you like this.”  My heart was filled with joy and love for this man.

The clock struck midnight, the fireworks went off and he kissed me. I could see him getting all choked up and I asked if he was ok.  “What’s wrong?”  He pulled himself together and spoke gently “This is just all perfect.  My family, spending tonight like this, New Year’s Eve with you here doing what you did, I wish my other family members were here to share in this with me.”  It was touching and heartfelt and I fell in love with him in that moment.  In that very moment I had no more reservations about this man, I knew it was him.  I just knew it.


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