I spent that night at Serendipity’s because the next morning we needed to get up and go to one of his family members weddings.  I got myself all dolled up and he looked spiffy and off we went.  That day, just happened to be, my eighteenth wedding anniversary to Gingham.  Every year for eighteen years we would say Happy Anniversary, this day was no different.  It felt like a strange coming of full circle.  Happy Anniversary to a man I had been divorced from for fifteen years and going to another wedding on the same day with Serendipity.  Funny how things work out

We were ready early and hit the church even though he didn’t want to go to the ceremony.  I never understood that.  People who just go to the Reception.  The ceremony is the BEST part, it’s what you are celebrating in the first place.  We arrived at the church and before he could introduce me; aunts and uncles, cousins all gathering around to meet me.  They knew who I was from Facebook and I was sure Serendipity’s mother and they were all so welcoming and wonderful.  Everyone had the same name or names and was related to each other except me.  It was the coldest day of the year, but what better way to spend it than celebrating the young love of two people willing to spend the rest of their lives together?

I love weddings.  Not only because I’ve had a few and do make a beautiful bride and throw a smashing party, but I love the premise of marriage.  The tradition, the church, the blessing, the coming together before God and your friends to wish two people well in a world that is seemingly as ice-cold as the day was. During the ceremony, Serendipity held my hand.  He squeezed it a bunch of times and I could even see him getting welled up at one point.  This was a very sensitive man I was dealing with.  I smiled and winked at him every time he squeezed.

On the last time he leaned over and in a pretend whisper he said “Right now is the first time I can really see myself married.”  I gleamed at him and with starry eyes kissed him then hushed him being his whisper was like a Mack truck running through the church. The ceremony ended and we hugged and kissed everyone and congratulated them and off into the cold we went.  There was time between the ceremony and the reception and as we got in the car I made a suggestion; “How about we head home, have sex, a drink, get ourselves together then head down to the reception?”  I thought it was a swimmingly devilish idea and I was awaiting the heart pounding yes and the racing home.  instead I got “But then we have to get ready all over again and I’ll be tired.” Oh. My. God.  I’m dating more of a woman than I was.  Holy Shit are you kidding me?  You know how many guys would love to hear their girlfriends make that suggestion?  A LOT!  Most if not ALL.  Who was I dealing with because I did not understand this man at all.

Instead we headed to his childhood home.  Where he grew up.  We pulled up in front and stared at it for a while as he recanted memories that were endearing and cute.  Then out of no where I see him get out of the car and approach a young man.  All I could think was that we are basically stalkers and someone is going to carjack us and I’m still in the car.  GREAT!  One of my worst fears will come true and I’m in a lovely dress and heels that thankfully DIDN’T GET MESSED UP!  I could see his face beam with excitement as he smiled at me and waved and then walked into the house.  He walked into a strange person’s house by telling them he grew up there.  Now, this is definitely a made for TV movie, because either he could be a murderer or the people who lived there could!  WHAT AM I DOING HERE!  He was gone a while and I thought they killed him and would be coming out for me soon enough.

Then he appeared all happy and shaking hands and yelling “Ok, see you soon.”  He got in the car and was talking so fast I could barely understand him, but apparently he would be going back for a BBQ in the spring.  Good God. We left and he was all bubbly and overjoyed with himself as we approached the Reception and the valet took the car.  In we went….


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