I wished I could have laid there all night in his arms.  Wrapped in the comfort of my orgasm and the warmth of his body heat.  Alas, such is not life and I had to get my ass home.  I gathered my things as he watched me get dressed.  I realized I didn’t have my car and that he would have to get up and drive me the fifteen minutes home.  We got into the car and headed to my house.  We chatted a bit, but I felt like we were more basking in the glory of what just happened.  He had his hand on my leg and said “See, now isn’t this better than going out into the night and driving home alone?”  I smiled and held onto his hand tight.  More like for dear life as I wanted this moment to last forever and not end.  We arrived at my house, I gave him a kiss goodnight, thanked him for the ride and went inside.  I snuggled myself into bed and under the covers and fell fast asleep as I was terribly pleased with myself.

The next morning I awoke and it was a beautiful late summer day.  I sat up in bed and it almost felt like how Cinderella wakes up with birds chirping and mice running around getting my clothes for me.  I was in good spirits and still basking in the glow of my amazing night.  I got my swimming bag together and headed up to see Frick, a few of my best friends, but not Frack.  I waltzed into the pool, beach chair in hand with a bit of a swagger to me.  As I approached Frick said “Well, well, well…if it isn’t hussy herself.  So?”  I couldn’t do much more than smile and walk with a bit of a limp to indicate the soreness being felt by my lower extremities. I didn’t answer, but then she asked “So how was it?”  And if anyone knows how women really talk, they describe everything in detail, they go to the ends of the earth to explain every last movement, gesture, body part, word spoken, clothing worn, all of it, in explicit detail.  And then I replied while holding out my hand and with my thumb and index finger making a four-inch gap between them said “At least this wide”  The crowd went wild!  At the end of my elaborate story of sex and romance Frick said “Aww….good for Dimples, he deserves it.”  HE deserves it???  What about me?!  I deserved it!  And I deserve more of it!

The rest of the afternoon was filled with comments and laughs about my sexual encounter and then it got serious.  We were all up on the landing having lunch while what seemed like thousands of wet children ran around Frick says “Now don’t go and screw it up by moving in or getting married in the next week please.”  Instantly the words stung.  It was like the air was ripped out of my balloon and I was highly insulted.  So much so that tears welled up in my eyes.  I hated the thought of being the butt of the joke.  I know it was kidding but half serious.  I wasn’t planning on screwing anything up.  I was planning on letting this develop.  I was planning on engrossing myself in the sheer joy of what this man has brought to me in the very short week we have been spending time together.  Frick walked away and I sat with my best friend with tears in my eyes as she told me to calm down and that everyone was happy for me.  I again was hurt by the thought that I would screw this up like all the other.  But he wasn’t like the others and I wasn’t the girl I used to be when I was with the others.  Didn’t anyone know that?  Did I really still need to prove to people who I could do this.  Not because I had to but because I wanted to.

Dimples text me a few times throughout the day and we were planning on having dinner together the next night. I was very much looking forward to seeing him again even though it had only been less than 24 hours since I had seen him last.  The day at the pool came to a close and I headed home.  I showered, wrapped myself in the legendary yoga pants that all women my age own and got myself into bed.  I was tired, I was sore and I was totally relaxed.  I was replaying all the dates over the past week, from the night with the pecked hurried kiss on the first date to the baseball game to every twist and turn of the prior nights events. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.


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