In Plain Sight

Dimples and I were on a quest to find alone time. It wasn’t easy with the amount of teenagers that always seemed to be lurking around. I mean, it’s like they multiplied whenever we tried to be alone. One night we went out for drinks and we were sitting at the bar when the moment struck. Lets go have sex! What a fabulous idea. We went over the locations available; his house, nope, my house, nope, the bathroom at the restaurant, gross, nope. Ugh. One would think that it was easier to be intimate together, but it wasn’t. We weren’t sleeping over at each other’s houses yet, so it wasn’t like we could close the door and just be quiet. I wasn’t comfortable with going to his friends office again so really it left very little options.

Then I suggested what about the car?” His car was way too small being the both of us are basically giants. My car on the other hand had plenty of room. It was an SUV, the seats went totally flat and I was certain I didn’t have to worry about a gear shift ending up in my hoo ha! His eyes beamed at the thought He got the check, we paid and almost ran out of the bar towards my car. But where would we park it? We couldn’t just do it in plain sight. We quickly began running places through like old people at a Bingo game. The park? No. The School. Definitely no. B6,A4…..then he says I have an idea turn left” We end up in a parking lot for trucks. I park the car amidst the other automobiles in between two large trailers and turn off the lights.

He jumps in the back seat and begins to try and make it it comfortable. That’s when I realized I had to go to the bathroom. It felt a lot like camping and I’m not all that fond of camping, but I made my way towards a tree, did my business and back to the car I went. He was ready and waiting and our escapade in the car proved to be cumbersome, but doable. We laughed for a quite a while on our drive home. About how silly we were, about how clever we were about how we needed to figure out how two mid life people could just have sex in a bed like normal people. Although the jaunts in different places were pretty exciting, I was a little more conventional than I knew and I realized that I liked someplace comfortable to get my groove on.

So that was the key. Getting it on in plain view without anyone noticing. That’s what Dimples and I would have to work on……And so a new plan was devised.

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