Game Day

The weekend of my birthday celebration was good, not great, but good.  A lot of estrogen in one room if you ask me, but otherwise a nice day.  Sunday of that weekend rolled around and I needed some testosterone.  I called Dimples and he invited me to meet him last minute with some of his friends that were going to be watching football.  Fine.  I like football and I like Sunday and I needed a drink like nobody’s business.  I grabbed one of my girlfriends, we got ourselves together and off we went.

When we arrived I could tell off the bat that the friends did not know of such an invite for chicks to come.  Little did they know my friend and I weren’t regular chicks.  We were guys girls.  We drank, did shots, watched football, dropped F bombs and looked cute doing it.  I knew it wasn’t going to be an issue and after the first drink, so did the friends.  We watched, we yelled, we told stories, we flirted, we drank and the afternoon was awesome.  I forgot how much fun hanging out with a bunch of dudes could be.  They are silly, they drink too much, eat too much and say things that typically in normal conversations don’t really make any sense to me, but on Sunday’s…..Sunday’s they made sense to me.

We talked stats, about fantasy football and kickers and running backs.  We talked shit about wide receivers and quarterbacks and who was a sissy and such.  It was fun.  Pure fun.  They realized after the first fifteen minutes that we weren’t like other wives or girlfriends.  We weren’t going to tell them to stop drinking or don’t eat that or what did you say?  We didn’t care.  We were there to get away from a weekend of chicks and to relax.  We wanted nothing more than to enjoy a Sunday Funday and that’s just what we got.  There was one kid there that was on the younger side, one of the guys sons and I have to say he hadn’t seen me in my glory of a Sunday Funday and I am sure that at this point his opinion of me had definitely changed, but I was hoping it was for the better.  I was fun!

We left the bar and ended up at my house with my girlfriend, Dimples and a friend of his.  My friend and I made some dinner, poured another round and fed the two tipsy men.  As we were in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dinner when I heard this conversation going on in the other room between Dimples and his friend:

Dimple’s Friend: “Dude, they are so nice”
Dimples: “You have no idea”
Dimple’s Friend: “What are they doing in there?”
Dimples: “It’s amazing right?  This is how they treat MEN! Can you even believe it?”

It made us giggle as we heard their drunkin conversation about how shocked they were that this is what is was like to be treated well by a woman.  Then it made us a little sad.  They were in sheer amazement at the thought that this is how they could have been being treated all those years.  It made me wonder, what the hell had they been through to even think that?  I mean, we weren’t even really DOING anything.  But to them, we had treated them like kings.  Its amazing how we see things once we are treated with respect and kindness.  I wondered more about the “stuff” Dimples had told me about.  I guessed, at that point, I too realized, we all had stuff and to be treated well did come as a surprise at our age.  Sad isn’t it?


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